… to my new, personal web site. My old blog (2011 – 2017) can be found here. It will not be updated anymore.  — 4 April 2018


New album released

It only took six years, but now it’s out. Read more about it, download or listen (for free) at derkleinegruenewuerfel.de (my label), Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Bandcamp.


This is the personal public website of Marco Trovatello. Views expressed in this weblog are my own.

In my leisure time I write, play and produce music (more about this here). I am also a netaudio columnist for StadtRevue Magazine.

I work for the European Space Agency ESA as a Communication Officer in the field of Human and Robotic Space Exploration and Space Science. More info can be found on LinkedIn.

You may contact me here or via Twitter.